Monday, November 14, 2011

Please Help Me Fellow Bandsters!

I'm a very sad lady today.  I got stuck on thursday morning.  Had nothing but fluids the rest of the day as I was feeling rather crummy the rest of the day.  Friday I attempted some eggs in the morning, that went ok.  I just couldn't eat much.  It was uncomfortable.  Soup for lunch, and dinner was very soft.  Still I was in the few bite category.  Late on Friday a friend had french fries so I ate a couple as I was a little hungry.  A while later I was home, had some water and went to bed...  Barely asleep...  I feel slightly unwell.  I start to get out of bed and then it begins,
vomiting like a mo fo.  I puked a bunch.  Not PBing.  PUKING.  Painful.  Ouch.  :-(  The rest of the night I spent propped up in bed, because I kept burping up fluid if I layed down flat.  Saturday I stayed on fluids all day, but it was tough getting them down.  Started to feel a little better by the evening.  Yesterday I felt sick all day.  Stayed in the bed and slept.  Nothing but sips of fluids all day.  I'm finding it tough to keep water down, shakes stay down a little better.  Though it takes over an hour to get through about 8 ounces.  I'm considering an unfill.  I have been having the same 0.5mL taken in and out of my band (in addition to my 3.0mL that was put in initially).  When it's out, I have next to no restriction.  When it's in, I do well till a stuck episode, then it's misery until they take the fluid out. 

Has anyone else experienced this??  I'm losing weight, sure... but at the cost of my comfort and sanity.  I'm miserable and I don't want to feel this way.  :-(

Update:  I spoke to a coworker (a physician) and he suggested trying to have some warm milk since water was being uncooperative at staying down.  He said it will help relax the muscles to have heat as opposed to cold.  What a smart guy!  I got a latte and voila!  I feel so much better!  No where near 100%, but sooo much better.  I'm still interested to hear if any of you have had this experience.


  1. oh no! Sounds awful. What does your dr say? I just had a really bad stuck episode last night ~ no fun ~ toast is no longer a friend of mine. I'm on liquids today but its nowhere as bad as what you are going though. I would talk to your surgeon. Feel better!

  2. Sorry you're going through that! Yeah I've heard warm liquids or pineapple juice help.