Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Check In

I've decided that Friday is a good day for me to check in.  Mondays are so haphazard that I many times forget to weigh-in before leaving the house so here it is.  227.4.  That's down 2.1 from last weigh in.  I'm happy that it was a loss and not a gain.  I didn't try very hard this past week or so to be good, so I'm not surprised at all that it isn't more.  School is finally out so I have a bit more time on my hands to plan and get on track.  Not so fly by the seat of my pants this week.  I did get a bunch of walking in this week as well because my car got impounded.  Good ol' NYC parking enforcement got me.  The got my wallet too!  Unfortunately it wiped out any chance of me going to the Chicago BOOBS too.  :(  I'll be there in spirit though! 


  1. I'm sorry you won't able to come to BOOBs, that totally sucks about your car and wallet! How will you go about getting that back? :(

    Great loss this week, though! I love the recommitment. :)

  2. fantastic, go for gold mate! all the best.
    Karl - Singapore

  3. Sad you can't come to Chicago!