Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who's Up For A Group Challenge??

Back in the day there were all these great BOOBS group challenges.  Well to be frank, I miss those days!  I know not everyone is blogging the way they used to, but are y'all still reading out there??  Can we maybe set up a group challenge again?  Please comment if you'd be interested in joining a challenge, or administering one (I could give it a try, but I know some people have already done it and may find it a little easier than me).  Let me know.  I'm missing the community of the BOOBS.  Though I'm not banded any longer, that doesn't mean that I need our community any less.  Where you at ladies??

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Thanks for your encouragement on my last post. I know you're right... I need small, achievable goals/challenges. I'm definitely in a different place than I was pre-injury. I'm really hoping that getting back to work will keep me going in the right direction. :)

    I'd definitely be up for a challenge! God knows I need something/someone to keep me accountable.