Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm officially NOT crazy!!

Psych evaluation is complete.  It was actually really nice to talk to this guy.  I was able to look at the whole picture a bit.  We talked about my history with weight issues and how they are related emotionally/mentally to my decision. 
 He asked a few questions at the end about my mental health history.  It was not a terrible experience by any means.  Not that I really expected it to be, but you can sometimes allow yourself to let your imagination run wild.  I had it in my noggin, this picture of myself trying desperately to convince this guy that I wasn't crazy for wanting to let someone go so far as to cut me open and put a device in me to make me stop eating.  No I'm not crazy at all!  Maybe I do think I'm a little nutty for it.  But, as anyone who knows me will probably attest, I am a little wackadoodle. 

Now, last stop will be on Thursday.  Back out to NJ for Nutrition and Pre-Op/Post-Op instructions and we set a date.  I'm so very ready!!

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