Monday, June 6, 2011

12 down and a bunch to go...

12 is my favorite number.  I was so happy to see that I'm down 12 from my top weight.  I am at the end of my first week of this pre-op diet.
  I've been doing very well so far.  Only a little slip on Saturday.  I decided that I wanted brunch rather than dinner, so I grabbed a couple friends and away we went.  Eating out can be dangerous on the pre-op diet because you aren't measuring anything really and you have to eyeball everything and also, you don't really know if they've added oil, butter etc.  So we went to one of my favorite local spots.  I ordered the lox platter.  I knew that it came with a nice salad, and I ordered whole wheat toast instead of a bagel (staying within my guidelines).  My cheat was this, I used a littttle smear of cream cheese on my toast.  Just a little bit.  I didn't finish both pieces of toast though.  I also had a couple bites of potatoes that had been cooked with oil.  Again the potato wasn't off limits, so much as the oil it was cooked in.  I also had a virgin bloody mary.  Calorie wise, my meal was definitely within limits.  The meal was probably a little high in salt with the lox and the bloody mary mix, but the overall caloric count was well withing limits.  Overall not a bad weekend!  I went to a housewarming party and avoided pitfalls.  As much as I wanted to participate in the delicious looking noshes and cocktails, I was stuck to water.  I even got razzed by one of my best buds.  He teased a little, but then reminded me how much it would be worth in the end. 

Even though it's been tough living on protein shakes and a typically bland daily meal, I think I'm doing pretty well overall.  12 pounds in a week is no small feat.  Oh, and taking my "before" pics was a huge incentive to stay on track!

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