Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I have a confession.  There are so many things that I avoid due to intimidation.  I know it's probably ridiculous, but I am intimidated by a lot of things.  People who know me and who are reading this are probably thinking "yeah right, Ivy intimidated?", but it is true.  My mother can tell you that in childhood, I was afraid of EVERYTHING.  I was afraid of the basement, afraid of the dark, afraid to go down the alley on my bike, afraid to try so many things.  In my adult life, I am much more brave.  Fear has manifested itself in much different ways in my adult life than in childhood (but in many ways the same).  I am a very bold individual, I can talk to strangers easily.  I am very comfortable in my own skin.  I speak confidently.  I have been a teacher and I am quite comfortable taking leadership rolls.  I go many places by myself, out to dinner, shopping, exercising, etc.  I actually quite enjoy doing things on my own and my personal time.  BUT, I do hold back from doing certain things that I would like to try.  A big one is group exercise class.  I have had gym memberships for years and have used the gym regularly, but have never set foot in a class.  Don't ask me what it is about it that I am adverse to, but I never ever have tried one.  Maybe I need a pal to coax me into it or something.  I don't know.  You see these happy little exercisers here?  They seem to be loving this.
Now I picture me in that class more like this:
So if anyone has any suggestions to get me over that hump to get my booty into a class, let me know.  


  1. Hi! New Follower here. Don't worry about the class thing. I was terrified to do a Boot Camp class - one with mainly Ironman Athletes in it. I went anyway and wouldn't you know it they struggle too! I am hooked on the class and now look forward to it each week! Just Go!