Monday, July 11, 2011

Jogging for the First Time!

So I've been back on that Brooklyn Bridge again.  Sunday I got up early, threw on my sneakers and hit the bridge and did 2.7 miles.  I had to explore a bit to find a place to park near there, but once I finally did, I was off and walking.  I have a NSV to report.  I actually JOGGED.  
I have not moved my pace above a quick power walk in years, and yesterday I jogged for 2 separate legs of the bridge and I am soooo very proud of myself.  Mind you, there was an 8,000 year old little Asian man walking far faster than I was jogging that just zoomed around me like I was standing still, but I was still jogging!  Honestly, that moment made me feel better than pretty much anything has so far on this journey.  Having the ability to do it brought a smile to my face that probably scared the people walking toward me in the opposite direction.  (but it was nowhere near as scary as the site of the bare chested guy in a bathing suit and crocs, walking at a snails pace across the bridge all while carrying a briefcase... I was far less of a sight).  

I have a scaled victory to report as well.  I have been kind of stuck at the same spot on the scale for over 2 weeks.  When I went from purees to solid food I pick a couple pounds back up and struggled that past couple weeks to get them off.  Well finally yesterday, I was happy to see 262.4!  I'm down nearly 25lbs from Memorial Day (when I started my pre-op diet).  I am so happy to be seeing loss.  I went to the supermarket Saturday and have planned out meals for work for the week in hopes of staying on the downward trend.  I have plans to go swimming in the evening as well at the public pool for adult lap swim.  A girlfriend of mine invited me out, so I have someone to be accountable to.  This definitely helps to get me motivated.  Anyone else have any non-gym exercise suggestions?  


  1. You are doing great so far! You WILL get below 250!

    I am picturing the dude in crocs, a bathing suit and briefcase....and sadly enough, it is not that difficult. Oh, NYC...

  2. Good're doing great!!! I do some exercise videos at home or Wii games like Zumba when I don't go to the gym.

  3. I am very impressed with you and you know I just love the look of that bridge!! Isn't it exciting when we do something new that was a struggle only 2 months ago!! You're my inspiration for the gym in the morning.

  4. Andrea, I have been thinking of getting a Wii! I want one so bad! Maybe that will be my 50 pound reward to myself! I've been trying to think of an incentive for 50 pounds and I think that is it! Thanks for inspiring that revelation!

    Dani, wow! Thanks for the complements. I have never felt like an inspiration to someone to be healthy so that means a lot to me that you said that. I definitely could use to get my butt moving more and you just helped motivate me to do that. Thank you!

  5. Running?!?! WOW. Go you!

    I have a Wii fit and I LOVE it. Just Dance 2 and Zumba are my fave games.