Thursday, July 7, 2011

BOOBS Challenge

Hey gang.  I'm creeping up towards my 1 month bandiversary!  For those of who don't know what BOOBS is, it is a group of Banded Bloggers who have formed a community on these here internets.  
They have what looks to be, an exciting weekend long get together once a year, that unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to take this year due to having taken time off for so many appointments for this whole ordeal.  Not to mention my stint off for surgery and 2 weddings...  Ugh.  Anyway, back to BOOBS...  They have put a weight loss challenge into place that started Sunday and goes until the time of the meeting.  Even though I'm not going to attend the meeting, I still decided to participate, as I figured this would be good motivation to stay on task and to keep in the right direction with this whole weight loss stuffus I'm trying to do.  I had hit a plateau when I moved from purees to solid foods.  Also my digestion had slowed to a painful pace, and thanks to Benefiber and coffee that has been resolved (Benefiber is flavorless and can be mixed with pretty much any beverage or liquidy food, NO GRIT!).  Now I'm back on my way back down in numbers on the scale.  Wish me luck on the challenge and feel free to drop any suggestions in my comments for being effective at winning this thing! 


  1. Lol... stuffus. I say that, too!

    Glad you decided to join the challenge! Can't give you any pointers in winning, because I'm kiiiind of the competition, but I'll wish you luck. ;)

    New follower, by the way!

  2. Happy one month! We are around the same time frame, my one month is tomorrow!!

  3. Hi! I just started following your blog! Glad you joined the challenge! Good luck!

  4. Hey gals! Thanks for all your encouragement. I am trying to get on track. I've been struggling a little bit now that I'm back to eating regular food. I did really well when I knew EXACTLY what I was supposed to eat every day during the pre and post op diet. But now that I'm on my own, it's def tough. I've been kind of stuck for a couple weeks now. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow and see a better number. Wish me luck. Ronnie, I tried to find the button to follow your blog, but either I'm slow, or there isn't a button on your page to follow. Please help!

  5. Hi Jammy Dancer- thanks for your comments- I am starting to find I can eat more now and having to actually stop myself from eating- and boy do I want to eat!!! I am mostly home alone in the evening and thats my danger time-my next appointment is August 5th-so think it will be my first fill-but on the other hand ,I'm still easily filled most of the day-so who knows??Anyhow ,thanks for the support...