Friday, August 12, 2011

Ah... The Lovely Green Zone...

I will admit, I have been a bit lax on posting compared to usual.  I have been reading other blogs and what not, but being that I was feeling pretty badly, I have slacked up a bit.  I had my second fill of 1.5 on August 1st, bringing me to 4.5 mL.  At first I thought, well wow, this is different...
I was full super quickly on my liquids, then soft diet.  Then when I started back to solid foods, I was having a terrible time getting much down.  I was getting sick and vomiting.  Not PB'ing, but vomiting.  I would maybe make it through 2 of 3 meals in a day without incident, and that was typically only if I had things like soup or yogurt or cheese.  Finally the straw that broke the camel's back is when I projectile vomited after a few bites of well chewed meat.  I decided in that moment that I was going to return to the doctor and have some fluid removed.  I needed an adjustment.  I should not be looking like Linda Blair in the Exorcist every time that I take a bite of solid food!  So it was back to the doc I went.

I had a bit of an emotional breakdown from being too tight.  I already think about this band at a crazy rate.  It is on my mind quite often through the day.  Any time I think of food, get hungry, make dinner plans, anything related to food... It's all about the band.  So it was really emotional for me.  I had skipped a friend's birthday dinner because I was so afraid to eat, and they were going to a fondue restaurant and there was sure to be an issue, and I really didn't want to ruin everyone's night by vomiting, with the consistency of fondue dinner and what not.  I went to see the nurse practitioner and she felt that taking out a small bit would likely be idea.  So we took out 0.5 mL.  So I'm at 4.0 and couldn't be happier.  I still have restriction, but I can actually eat again.  Last night when I ate, there was a moment that I felt that jussssst maybe I might get stuck, but nope.  The sensation passed after a couple minutes.  Suddenly I felt like I had arrived at the place the I have been looking for.  Restriction without pain, and tight enough to do the job.  I couldn't be happier.  I am currently at 252 lbs. and that means I have lost a total of 35 lbs.  Still 52 lbs from Onederland, but I will take my small victories where I can get them.

Thanks to you all for the support and advice along the way.  I'm feeling well and look forward to the journey being a little less stressful for a while.  


  1. Hi I'm glad you went back and had some fluid removed-It's awful to be so worried ,that you're turning down invites.Your weight loss is moving along well:)

  2. Me too Dani! I was feeling so crummy, but I'm much better now. Thanks! :)

  3. Yay!!! So glad you found the right spot!