Friday, August 19, 2011


It's FRIDAY so that means it's BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy! Brought to you by the one and only Drazil! We answer a couple of questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy and paste and answer in your own blogs if you'd like!! ENJOY!! 

1. How much makeup do you wear daily, how long does it take you and are you loyal to certain brands?
I don't wear much make-up (and not daily, maybe 2-3 times a week and on special occasions/dates) but when I do I tend to use Chanel for my face and Lancome for my eyes. Oh! and I found this great lipstuff from covergirl.  Its kind of a gloss/stain combo.  It takes me about 5 minutes to put my make-up on start to finish.  I keep it very simple and natural.  Being that I have fair skin and features, I tend to look like a clown if I use very much.  So no false eyelashes or anything fun like that for me. Just your basics.  

2. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them (or even if there is one) and you try to describe this person in 5 words/short sentences.
Your oldest paternal aunt
I don't have one...

3.  Tell me about your first real kiss and how old you were.
I was in the 5th grade at the monthly rollerskating night when a boy named Matt gave me my first kiss.  It was by the lockers at the end of the night.  He wore speed skates... that meant he was a bad boy.

4. If I gave you $1000.00 and told you that you had to give it to a charity – which charity would you choose and why?
Life Beat (AIDS organization) because my friend Ben is the Executive Director and I know that the money is used properly.

Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.
Blogland - I've been a slacker.
Real life - I've been a bigger slacker.  Please someone take the tequila away from me and get me to a gym...

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