Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Pitfalls...

I would like to introduce you to the two buddies that have been accompanying me on all my adventures in the past couple weeks...  First there is Mr. Corralejo.  Now Cory, as I like to call him, he's a simple guy.  Throw a few limes at this guy and he's a party in a bottle.  He'll have you dancing on stage at a hardcore rock show that you never remember agreeing to go to in the first place.  He'll even have you believing that you actually like the aforementioned hardcore rock band even though you have never in your past ever even liked hardcore music in the first place...  Thanks for the introduction Cory!

Then we have Maker's Mark.  Now Mark is a different kinda fellow.  He's more of a smooth lover.  He makes you all warm and cozy and relaxed inside.  And just when you're least expecting it, he pounces.  He has you feeling all sorts of cooky and wonky and ready to sleep...  right through your alarm clock the next morning.  He's the kinda guy that makes you want to skip work and stay in bed all the next day watching movies.
Now as much fun as I have with Mark and Cory, I need a little time apart from them.  I need to ask them to stop popping up when I'm hanging out or having dinner.  I love these guys, but they're def not helping my booty get any smaller.  So if you see them around, let em know to cut me some slack and to give me some much needed breathing room.  Thanks.