Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Clothes!!!

I'm shrinking and so it's getting high time that I buy some new clothes.  I bought this sassy number from asos...
I also bought a couple more...

I'm not quite out of the plus sized section, but I'm pretty sure by the spring I will be.  These dresses should hold me through the winter for work.  I am trying to buy things that I can style with belts, sweaters and such as they get too big.  Being that it's fall/winter, layering is expected so I'm not too worried. 

So how am I doing on the journey?  I have no idea!  I decided to stop stepping on the scale for a while.  I need to give it a break.  I started all this so that I would FEEL better.  Looking better is the bonus.  And the number on the scale is just that... A NUMBER.  I won't let it define my progress.  I'm enjoying watching my clothes get saggy on me.  While it's frustrating when looking for something to wear, it's kind of fun to redefine how I present myself to the world.  I'm so tired of wearing jersey knit and clothes with lycra and stretch!  I want to wear some nice fabrics!  I deserve it.  I work hard for my money and I deserve to feel good in the things that I spend that money on. 


  1. Love all those dresses!!! Good picks!

  2. Thanks lady! I thought so too! Now I just have to wear em!

  3. Isn't it great to have a bit more choice in clothes, I am always looking at clothes and restraining myself from buying, except for essentials.The dresses look great-and I totally understand the scale thing-it just does your head in!!:)

  4. Cute dresses! Where did you get those from?

  5. very cute items!!! Never hear of "osos" but am going to check it out

  6. Hey gals! Thanks for the feedback! I got all of these dresses at www.asos.com. I'm happy to give them a plug because they have really contemporary clothes that don't look matronly and in sizes that fit! Super happy with these dresses!