Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birthday, Thanksgiving, and an Unfill

I had a fill a couple weeks ago and yes I've lost weight since, but I have been getting sick intermittently.  Like really sick.  So after much contemplation, I have gone back to the doctor for an unfill.  I was definitely in the red zone.  If I was lucky, I might get down about 1/2 cup of food without launching into hurls.  I was only really keeping down soups, over easy eggs, or anything of that consistency.  I was having episodes of heartburn and or regurgitation when I would lay down.  Night cough.  Severe discomfort.  HICCUPS!!!  So off to the doctor I went and she has loosened me up "just a hair" as she said.  I can contest, it worked!  I just had some soup and I had restriction, but no pain or vomiting.  What a relief.  So now tomorrow, I can celebrate my birthday and thanksgiving without yacking all over the place.  These are my fancy birthday party it up nails!  Whatchya think?? (ignore the busted cuticles)



  1. I did glitter nails this week too! LOVE THEM.

  2. Love the nails! Glad you got the unfill. Hope it's just right now.

  3. Thanks ladies!! I love them too. It's been over a week and they're still holding up! That's unheard of for me. Hope you had a great turkey day. :-)