Tuesday, July 9, 2013

August 5th

My surgery date has been set for August 5th. Revision here I come! 

I don't have ALL the same jitters as I had with my LapBand surgery, but I do have a renewed excitement. Thursday I will have my nutrition appointment to discuss all the pre and post op what to dos (and what to don'ts). Next week I'll be seeing my surgeon to sign my consents and get all my pre operative testing orders. In less than 2 weeks I will begin my pre-op mostly liquid diet. I admit I've got a little of the last-supper syndrome.   Having gone through this part of it before, I believe that it's healthy to just have the last suppers and say goodbye to the things you need to leave behind. There is a sort of mourning process that I had to go through for the lifestyle and foods that I needed to leave behind. Once again I am here doing it again.  Not that I can really have much stuff now that I shouldn't. I still have restriction in my band even though it has been empty for months. Bread is still a no-no. Same with many meats and dense foods. I am happy to say good bye, but it is a bitter sweet parting.  

So much to do in the next 3 1/2 weeks. Plans for what to do with my car (living in Brooklyn and being a street parker I have to plan according to street cleaning rules or ask a friend to take the car when I'm in the hospital or down at home). I plan to take off some extra time from work. A little more than I know is necessary, but I have the days so why not take the time! So... August is mine! I go back to work after Labor Day, thus I have to plan and prep to have the time off at work.  I pay bills from work usually so I have to get all that in order to do from home. And the list goes on... 

So as I was saying. The excitement is BACK. But I have so much to do!

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