Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pre-op Dieting

I saw the nutritionist on Thursday. Unexpectedly she decided to put me on the pre-op diet right away. So rather than 14 days, I shall be on the wagon for 24 days. I was not prepared for that. At least not mentally. I made a pilgrimage out of NYC to Walmart in NJ in search of lesser expensive supplies. I've got enough protein to feed a small country. I forgot how much will power it takes. It isn't until someone tells you that you can't eat that you find yourself wanting everything in site. So as of yesterday I am on 3 shakes a day and 1 low fat, low calorie meal. I've lost 4 pounds since Thursday. Onward and downward!


  1. No fun but it will be worth it. You have got this!

    1. I do got this huh!? Hope all is well with you! Nice to hear from you. :)