Saturday, August 10, 2013

5 Days Post-Revision

I'm home still recovering from my surgery which was Monday August 5. It's now Saturday and I'm feeling much better. Unfortunately my time of the month has landed in today and its making me sleepy just when I finally feel well enough to get back to some activity. So some progress notes.  The hospital stay was great. The bed is so high tech. Some people might get annoyed by the beds shifting mechanically (built in mechanism to prevent bed sores) but I was thankful for it. I got some of the best sleep there. Since I've been home sleep hasn't been quite as restful. Taking pain meds isn't just a push of a button anymore either. I have to actually get up and take something if I need it. Mostly I don't, but I find myself tossing and turning a bit if I don't. I'd probably be more cozy on the couch, but my man isn't there so automatically the bed is much cozier by default of him and his snuggles.

Eating, or drinking rather has been pretty uneventful.  I have my recommended 2 protein shakes a day.  Sometimes I finish the whole thing, sometimes I don't.  Like yesterday I was feeling a little meh, I added a 1/3 of a banana to my shake for some added sugar to maybe give me some energy (not realizing I was just feeling PMS sleepiness). I could only,ake it through 1/2 of my shake before I was F U L L. Another thing to mention, just because you just have surgery, when the time of the month comes, the cravings are still right there like the annoyingly faithful friend, asking you for salt, sugar, fried carby goodness. I was able to knock this out with some puréed tomato soup topped ever so slightly with Parmesan cheese. All those PMS cravings got their kick in the pants and I felt much better. 3 oz of soup was all I had and it was plenty. I haven't had much to eat outside of that. 

The only other thing is something called "Buddy Fruit". It's all natural fruit blend that comes in those squeeze pouches that they make for kids. I bought these as an alternative to apple sauce, as I could recap it if I couldn't finish it.  They come in small portions, at 3-4.5 oz each. 

These guys are all fruit, natural, and inexpensive. I got them for about $0.69 a piece at Walmart.  They weigh in at about 50-60 calories. It's fruit so yes the sugar content is there so I probably won't continue these once on solids, but for now they're good and help break the monotony (and I can add some to my Prilosec capsule that I need to open and mix with something to take!). 

Finally, my weightloss progress. When I first visited the doctor on June 17, I knew this was the visit where we'd be gathering up my info to submit to insurance for approval. I hadn't been trying terribly difficult to lose weight as I mentioned in previous posts. I am happy to say I am back on track. On June 18 I was 247 pounds. This morning in all my menstrual glory, I was 223 pounds. In 7 1/2 weeks I have dropped 24 pounds. The day of surgery I was 228. 5 days later I'm 5 pounds lighter. Progress I think. I can't wait to see what the next few months holds for me. I'm officially back on track. 


  1. Looking forward to following your sleeve journey...I have to admit that I'm a tad jealous of those with the sleeve..the results seem much better than the band, but at the time I made my decision to have the band, my surgeon didn't do the sleeve.
    Keep posting and giving us updates - the good, bad and ugly!

  2. I'm back to blogging! that's for sure!