Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh hey, did I mention I had revision surgery?

Because I did! I had surgery yesterday morning. I'm currently in my hospital bed and they just gave me my first tray of food... Or liquids rather. There is an assortment of apple juice, broth, jello and Gatorade. All to be dyed blue and consumed slowly.  Yesterday was a blur. I hesitate to say that it was rough, but it was definitely a blur.  I slept a whole lot. It wasn't until about 9-10am today that I began to feel remotely like myself again.  The catheter has come out. Most of my monitors are now unhooked and I've even managed to take a lap around the floor. I know it all sounds so quick and noble but don't get the wrong idea.  It has been slow going. Being that I work in the hospital where I had my surgery, I've been fortunate to have a couple friendly faces come to visit.  Just waiting on my man to come see me and bring me my phone.  It's been quite the day.  I'll update again later.


  1. Yay, you are on the 'other' side now. Sip, walk, rest...repeat. The first week for me was the roughest but after that things were smooth sailing!