Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ten Things Thursday aka Coming Out of My Slump

  1. I'm NOT crazy (and neither are you Dawnya!).  I spoke to the doc and nutritionist and both agree that I have been experiencing Dumping Syndrome on occasion.  This is usually due to poor food/beverage choices.  Funny thing is, I don't make them often, but when I make em, they're pretty bad and the symptoms SUCK ASS.  At least now I know what the heck is going on.  I had thought this only happens with bypass patients, but they assured me that it is now becoming evident that VSG patients also experience this too.
  2.  Took a quiz in my Spanish class Monday.  Had no idea about it since I took off class on 9/11, so I quickly learned all new material 10 min before class and still rocked an 88%!
  3. Saw my doc/nutritionist for my 6 week follow up as I mentioned before.  I've lost 16 pounds since my surgery date.  I was concerned with a recent stall but I am encouraged by my visit.  I think all will be ok. 
  4. Exercise needs priority.  I need to get on this!  Feel free to hold me accountable!
  5. I'm still waiting to hear the "official" news on the job I interviewed for.  Seems like it's a Jewish holiday every other day this month.  I'm on hold again. lol.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It's pretty official that I got the job, just all the kinks need to get worked out.
  6. I still really want to get a bike.  Just a beach cruiser or something not too crazy difficult to manage.  Anyone got an old one they want to donate to a fat girl, feel free to speak up! ;)
  7. The weekend is only 24 short hours away.  I'm stoked.
  8. I got volunteered by my fiance to cook dinner for his family for Thanksgiving.  This NYer is going to be cooking a big southern family a Thanksgiving dinner...  IN ALABAMA.  No pressure there!  Not to mention, I'll probably not even have dinner, as we all know that just taking bites to test for seasoning etc will likely be enough to fill me up!  Is it weird that I'm already planning and it's 2 months away?
  9. I miss my mama and want her to come visit, but I know it's expensive to fly and that she's saving to come to the wedding in Alabama next summer, so I feel bad even considering asking her to come.  But I miss her.
  10. I'm excited to see the Harvest Moon tonight!  The man and I are driving to a nice lookout point tonight at the very south end of Brooklyn to get a nice view.
And there you have it!  Whew... didn't know if I would get through that one!  I'm def in a good mood today.  Hoping nothing knocks it down.


  1. Awwww love hearing about the upcoming'll be here before you know it.

  2. I wish I had a spare bike for you! What about one of the citi bikes..? The moon was beautiful last night!

    1. I thought about doing the citibike thing, but I think we'll be moving and I'm not sure if I'll get to take full advantage of it. I may just wait for bikes to go on sale at Walmart/Target and get one if I can.

  3. What did they say about increasing your calories to get the scale moving?

    1. They both said not to stress it too much just yet. That I'm still very early out and in time will be able to consume more calories and when I do I'll probably start to have a quicker drop. So in essence they did agree that the increase would likely help, but not to push it. Let my body adjust to the increased intake over time. My surgeon did encourage me to get off the protein shakes though and to start eating some more meats and tougher to digest foods like steak. She wants me to work that belly! I have done just that and it all seems to be causing some shift! I'm losing again!