Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holy Nerves Batman!!

Soooo my consultation appointment just got catapulted from being 8 weeks away to 12 days away. 
I've decided to do my surgery at a hospital just outside of the city in New Jersey so as the wait isn't so crazy long.  My actual surgery won't be scheduled until I see the doctor, then have a psych evaluation, see a nutritionist, and get some pre-operative testing.  Though all this will creep up very quickly and be here before I know it.  I have contacted my doctor to request a letter of medical necessity to be submitted for insurance purposes.  I called the medical insurance company to see what would be covered, and apparently they cover EVERYTHING.  No copay, no nothing.  Well wait, except for the nutritionist.  Her fee is separate and not covered by insurance, which is about $250.  All in all that's not too shabby.  Paying insurance premiums all these years is finally going to pay off I guess. 

So this is where I am right now:
  • Consultation appointment has been made with the surgeon for May 11
  • I've requested a letter of medical necessity from my primary care doctor
  • I have done research on the procedure, the pre and post op issues, risks and benefits
  • I've read 80 million blogs and even started my own
  • I've joined some online forums for support
  • I've spoken with people I know that have had surgery and gotten some great advice and encouragement
  • I contacted my insurance for coverage information
  • I have taken the required seminar before going to speak with the doctor
  • I have spoken with a few family members and friends to begin building a support system
  • Bought super cozy bras to accomodate for after the surgery
  • Made arrangements at work for being out for recovery
I still have yet to:
  • See the psychologist for my evaluation for insurance purposes
  • See the nutritionist to learn about foods I can and cannot eat (though I've been reading up a storm)
  • Finalize my plans for where I plan to recover, probably at my brother's
  • Tell my mom
I know my last post I spoke about being forthright with family.  Now that I am going to see the surgeon, I guess I should tell my mom soon.  I don't want her to worry.  I also don't want this to be the central discussion every time we talk from here to eternity.  I want it to be a part of my life, not the focus of it.

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