Monday, May 2, 2011

Last Times

Now that I'm closing in on my appointment wit the surgeon, I'm realizing that at certain restaurants or particular meals, it may very well be the last time I have some of the things I'm eating.
It may seem a little strange, but food has been a friend. I can at times be an emotional eater. I eat to celebrate. I eat when I'm sad. I eat period. Growing up in my house as a kid, when you had the chance to eat well, it was a big deal. Anything better than spaghetti or pot roast was big livin' and you need to relish that moment! We were far from wealthy growing up. I never felt poor by any means, but when you got a fancy meal, it was definitely a big deal. Now that I'm older and able to have most things that I want, it's a little tough sometimes to get away from that thought process. Just because I can have things, doesn't mean I should. Limitations are healthy. Abundance doesn't mean that you have to hurry up and take it all in before the chance disappears. Food no longer has to represent security to me. It can now be what it is meant to be, but rather be a way to nourish myself in a way I enjoy along the way. Time to break old habits.

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