Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cleaning House

Went for an early morning walk today. I have been trying to exercise whenever I can. I know that this will help not only in the weight loss process but I've been told it will make my recovery a bit easier.
I have been more aware of my food consumption as I mentioned previously but I must admit that I find myself opting for foods that I know I'm going to have to cut out or cut way back on post-surgery. As a result, I'm sure that I'm self sabotaging a bit and negating the benefits of a bit of the exercise I've been getting in.

I have been cleaning house in many ways this past couple weeks. Not only is my actual apartment being cleaned, but I'm also getting a bunch of my life in order. Moving beyond just talking about things and actually doing them. It feels good to be productive. I have a friend that said to me recently, that my days must have more hours in them than the rest of the world, because of all the things that I do. If only she knew how much I feel like I don't get accomplished. I feel as though I only accomplish a fraction of my goals each day and that I would love to get more done. If only there were a few more hours!! Oh the things I could accomplish! So for now I will relish in the small accomplishments I'm making now by cleaning house and getting my life in order. This new found self awareness has been super inspiring and I can't wait to see where each day takes me.

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