Friday, July 29, 2011


1. Sun or rain? Roses or tulips? Romantic movie or comedy?I love rainy days.  Makes me wanna snuggle up under the covers and relax a bit (something I'm not always good at).
I love tulips.  I remember the first time I got one from a boy.  It was yellow and he left it on my pillow.  It was an apology.  That was 16 years ago and I still remember how special it was.
Can I choose romantic comedy??  I like romantic comedies while it's raining while surrounded by tulips. :-)

2. I've been sick lately and haven't eaten in two days - except for ice cream...which leads me to ask - what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
hmmm...  my old school go to at Baskin Robbins is Jamocha Almond Fudge.  but store bought, I love me some Ben & Jerry's Phish Food or Coffee Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz...  mmm  coffeeee.....

3. Are you a door locker - in your house and car?
ABSOLUTELY.  I live in Brooklyn and I'm from Detroit.  We don't leave our stuff unlocked.

4. In the spirit of my being sick and wanting to die - tell me your "go to remedies" for when you are sick?
Tummy ache - Warm Vernor's soda (but that's regional so Canada Dry ginger ale also works)Head ache - Caffeine.  Works like a charm (and is one of the active ingredients in Excedrine)Hangover or Cold - Alka Seltzer Plus
Everything else - a warm or cool wash cloth.  According to my parents this was the cure for all that ailed me as a child and is still a go to.  (I apparently called it my osh cosh).

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

I think my blog life is pretty well reflecting my real life in that I have been much of a spectator and less of a participant.  I have been terrible about exercising until yesterday when I finally went swimming.  I am needing a swift kick in the pants and hope to get it next week at my appt with the NP.  Unless some of y'all could do it first. I would appreciate that...


  1. yay for swimming yesterday! I love to swim! What do you do? Laps?

    Okay a swift kick in the pants....what are you doing? Are you logging your calories? Eating bad things? Have you had a fill yet?? If you are just on your first fill or not even have no fear! Things will kick into gear soon! I promise!

  2. Hi Amanda, yes I was swimming laps. The public pool has adult lap swim from 7-dusk. I hurt my ankle so my usual distance walking has been put on hold :-( I do track evvvverything I eat on and all my exercise too. I like the iphone app they have. Super user friendly. I think part of the issue is that I haven't been getting enough exercise and also I've reintroduced booze annnnnd I've only had one fill. I am seeing the NP monday and I suppose he may fill me again... We'll see... ugh.

  3. You'll get there. I think I lost my most weight after my second fill. I exercised all the way through but I am crazy with it now. I would love to get 25 more lbs gone then think my goal.
    I track on my iPad and now on the body bug. But I've done that for years!

  4. It would be nice if the weight kept falling off like the first few weeks- did your first fill feel any different?I am maybe having one next week-my first,just curious:)

  5. Osh cosh. Hehe. Great byoc. :)

  6. Hey thanks Roni!

    Dani, I do feel a little different with my first fill. I'm learning what people mean when they say they have trouble foods. The minute you experience a food that "doesn't work" for you, you'll know it. It's almost 3 weeks since my first fill and I can definitively say that white bread is off limits. Some whole wheats work, English muffins work. I'm still able to eat quantities that I know are too big and I know my will power isn't quite strong enough to pick up the slack so I'm probably gonna get another fill. And I need to lay off the booze. Ugh.

  7. Sorry. Ronnie *not Roni. (that my other friend's spelling.)