Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falling Behind, Losing Momentum

It's been a pretty busy month, but I can't seem to figure out how.  Ever feel like you're running in place?  Working really hard, but not really going anywhere?  Yeah...  It's kind of like that right now.  I'm trying to find balance, but not doing a very good job of it.  I'm not going to make this post about bitching and moaning though.  I just need to reflect a little.  

I got my first fill on July 13.  I haven't experienced any of the dreaded sliming or PBing that I have heard people talk about.  I have experienced the "stuck" sensation though.
 The first time it happened was when I tried to eat a piece of Italian bread when I was out for dinner.  You can only imagine the horror on my face as I'm sitting across from my friend and can't figure out what is happening or what do to about it.  She was on her cell phone, she had taken a call for work, so she was only able to see my face and try not too hard to get distracted, all the while worrying if I was choking to death.  Finally I got up and walked to the rest room.  I think getting up and moving helped.  Unfortunately this sensation has happened quite a bit this past week.  Sometimes even greek yogurt will be uncomfortable going down.  Like I said, I haven't puked, or any of that other stuff, but this sensation really sucks, and makes eating miserable.  Yesterday was the first day in over a week that I didn't have some sort of discomfort while eating.  The morning feels a bit tighter than the rest of the day.  Things seem to loosen up a little once I've had something to eat or something warm to drink.  I see the nurse practitioner on Monday.  I'm supposed to be getting another fill, but I don't know with the way things have been going.

As for losing momentum.  I have slowed significantly in the loss department.  I went from losing nearly a pound a day in the beginning to having been at the same weight for about 2 weeks.  I know part of this is the fact that I reintroduced alcohol into the equation, plus I have slacked some in the exercise department with the 100 degree days, and I have found that the "bad" foods seem to be the ones that don't hurt as much going down.  All this has combined to make a messy situation of me being stuck in my tracks and falling behind in my mental race to the finish line.  I'm a little frustrated because I'm only 6 weeks post op and I feel like I've hit a mental block.  I know that if I can get past myself, that I will continue to make progress.  I just need to get out of my own way.  I've been a little on the emotional side, and hence drinking a little more, and exercising less.  I know that exercise helps to make me feel better, but for whatever reason, I've been struggling to get my emotional road block to get out of my way so I can get my momentum back.  I've committed to go exercise with a friend on Thursday and I really look forward to it.  Now if I can just stay committed, that will be the next step.


  1. Isn't that the truth! Bad foods go down a heck of a lot better!! Let this fill do its job and you will see the scale move! Always the time before the first fill and even after the first fill can be the hardest!

    I eat greek yogurt everyday and I honestly have had a hard time the last week. I think the heat is making me tight!

  2. Thank you so much for saying that. I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself. I'm just a bit frustrated right now.

  3. Don't get discouraged!!! It took me about 8 months to really feel like I hit my stride.

  4. Bad foods totally go down easy and they taste better! I call them slider foods cause they life right through! Your having a n off week it sounds like! Just take it one at a time! You will continue dropping soon! Do you premake yours meals? That helped me when I was stalling. I planned all my meals and snacks healthy so I couldn't cheat! You can so do it girl!

  5. I AM having an off week Samantha. I have an appointment on monday to see the NP and I'm almost embarrassed to go because I've managed to gain this week. I think I'm having a little bout of depression and such. I'll pull out of it soon enough. Just need to get it together. I have to get back to the habit of premaking my lunch and such. I can fall in bad habits pretty easily. Thanks for the support gals, I need it.

  6. sounds like you are really having a bad week.

    I am in almost the same boat as you-- just saw the surgeon today and he isn't giving me my first fill until AUG. 23rd!! I am just 4 weeks post-op but was hoping I'd get a fill in a week or so because I have been stalled for two weeks and I a working my ass off! (Which is making me depressed and freaked out that I made a bad decision to get the band.) Anyway, if you just need to vent, let me know.

  7. OC I was having a terrible week. I'm feeling a bit less discouraged today though. Even though the scale still hasn't budged, I feel a lot better. I did have a moment a few weeks back of "omg, why the hell did I got through with this?". But I think it was mostly emotional stuff. I'm going to spend today regrouping, planning my weeks activities, meals and work outs. This way I can see exactly wtf is going wrong. I'll have no one to blame but me.