Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have officially just experienced my first "stuck" moment. What was the cause you ask?? A bite of French Toast. I had one bite, then went back to my oh so healthy plate of poached eggs and as I was about to take a bite I had this sensation of ugh, then ouch, then thought "am I gonna puke?", I didn't feel like wrenching or anything just as though I had something... Well, stuck! I was trying to figure out what to do at this point as I hadn't even had a bite of my own plate. I knew if I tried to eat anything, tree was no chance I could swallow it down. So I figured I'd try and sip something warm. Coffee to the rescue. I sipped little sips and could feel things adjusting and after a minute or two the sensation passed. I was dreading te whole 'sliming' or 'PBing' that I have heard about. I desperately did NOT want to experience that. I'm glad that I have figured out so early that this is a "no" food for me. Buh-bye French toast. It was nice knowing you.


  1. yikes! sounds painful... my turn will come one of these days

  2. When you get stuck, don't try to drink anything! I know it seems like the thing to do, but depending on how bad the stucky episode is, it can backfire in a big way haha.

    I haven't had french toast since being banded. Sigh.