Monday, August 8, 2011

Am I in the Red Zone?? Help!

I know I've been pretty quiet this week.  I have been having a little trouble since my last fill and have been trying to wade through the water to see if it is just that I need to wait out the problem or if I need to return to the doctor.  
I still have yet to make up my mind.  I had 1.5 mL added to the 3.0 mL already present in my band bringing me to 4.5 mL.  I did this on Monday of last week.  So I've given it an entire week to settle in as I am still kind of a newb to this and maybe it just takes a little time.  Who knows?  I'm finding that almost every meal that I have, I'm having some sort of difficulty.  When I wake up in the morning, water is even sometimes difficult. I have trouble with almost all starches.  I can't eat bread of any kind, and I haven't really even tried rice or pasta at this point.  I have trouble with some meats too (and by meats I mean animals period).  Now I know that I'm supposed to eat small bites and chew the hell out of them, which I do, but you know how sometimes when you eat and you swallow just a tad bit of the food in your mouth as you chew?  That will sometimes cause a problem and I'll get pain from it.  Leafy vegetables are troublesome.  They almost guarantee a stuck episode and tend to ruin any meal that I include them in.  And yes I know, I should have a couple bites of protein first then a bite of veggie, and with some veggies this is fine, but leafies are not my friend.  Can someone please tell me if this is just maybe my trial and error time where I see what foods are working for me? Or is my band most likely too tight?  I find that the equivalent of one egg and a couple bites of potato or similar is about the extent of what I can tolerate at this point.  Typically I'm stuck in the land of soft food.  I'm thinking that I would give it a few more days to see how I feel.  Fellow bandsters please let me know your thoughts though...


  1. well it is kind of a personal plight at this point! It depends on you. I can't eat potato's at all. Bread is a negative as well! Sometimes I can eat a little but normally not much! I never really eat rice and pasta I do on occasion.

    I do eat meat. But left over meat or cold meat is a no go.

    A lot of bandsters can't eat salads at all. I find that I can but I like to have some protein with it or some nuts only because chews up better!

    But if you are uncomfortable right now then that is your sign. I am ofter tight in the morning. Coffee is about it until 10-11.

  2. Yes, red zone in my opinion, but this band is yours to use as you see fit. Do you like how the band is keeping you away from a lot of food choices? It's important that you can still eat solid protein. It's up to you :) Let us know what you decide (unfill or not) HUGS!

  3. After my fill of 4ccs, I can now eat anything again-I am eating less though, being a newbie sounds like the red zone, but only you really know ....

  4. Last night after this post I tried to eat a tiny piece of meat and projectile vomited. I think it's time for an un-fill. Red zone it is. I looked back at the week since I was filled and realized that I have puked every day since. I'm not ok with this, so unfill a little it is. Hopefully I can hit a happy medium today.

  5. Yeah I would say it's probably a little too tight. Of course there are some foods that you will have trouble eating, but you should be able to get most things down if you take small bites and chew a lot.

  6. I agree with everyone else, completely up to you. But my personal opinion is - I would be uncomfortable not being able to eat without incident. I'd call the doc and have a conversation about it.